The KEIPER - Underwater Treadmill for the Dog- physiotherapists

WATER-WALKER® makes it possible for an animal to exercise muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of limbs following injuries and / or surgery. The buoyancy of the water removes much of the pressure from the painful limbs. The facility can be accessed, and the movement of an animal can be easily observed through the glass from all sides. Dogs quickly regain muscle tone and range of motion in limbs that have atrophied due to injury.

When dogs are using the underwater treadmill, they are able to work on many things at one time. Their gait is often exaggerated, new muscle groups are engaged, extra balance is required on the treadmill, they are able to bear weight on guarded limbs better, and the treadmill compliments both neuromuscular re-education and agility. The viscosity of the water creates resistance to the muscles, resulting in a great strength and endurance workout.

The Keiper`s WATER-WALKER® was distinguished with the Innovation Award 2004. Its ergonomic and innovative design combined with low maintenance and safety was developed in cooperation with animal physiotherapists and veterinarians, and is recommended by small animal hospitals all over Europe.

Ample accessories can be added, like reverse energy flow with an underwater massager. This makes the WATERWALKER ® an indispensable training equipment for recovery as well as for wellness and performance training.


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